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Lutz Meyer & Company stands for excellence in communication and campaigning. We create relevance for your topics and interests. For companies, interest groups and political organizations.

Campaign development and control, PR, crisis communication, political dialogues. With experience, reliability and impact.

Lutz Meyer & Company is a consulting firm, not an agency. An agency offers solutions that its team can achieve. We offer a team that achieves the best solutions. With the most suitable specialists and partners.

Our services

Campaigns. Shaping the public opinion

We run campaigns. Together with our clients, we develop coherent and creative content. We control the entire implementation process until we have achieved our client’s goal.

Dr. Lutz Meyer has developed and successfully implemented numerous well-known campaigns. For companies, political parties, associations and interest groups. In Germany, Europe, and internationally.

PR and crisis communication. Creating opinion leadership

Controlling the public opinion is essential. We offer an accurate positioning, a clear strategy, persuasive messaging, and an excellent network in media.

We support our clients in crisis situations and consult in shaping standard communication.

Political dialogue. Promoting the right decision

We understand politics. Economic success often depends on the political climate. Together with our clients, we transform their interests into political topics to influence the political decision-making process.

We accompany our clients throughout regulatory challenges and create new networks and alliances.

Branding. Achieving more trust

We consult in all questions regarding brand management: positioning, the design, the activation, and campaigning. Brands can build trust and give orientation if they are managed correctly.

We consult independently and choose the appropriate design partners for different tasks, from the brand manual to a 360-degree campaign.

Change. Transitioning successfully

We support leaders. We accompany companies and organizations in communicating structural changes. Our principle: treat employees as clients.

Both executive boards and communication professionals rely on our experience and knowledge in internal communication.

Bright minds

Dr. Lutz Meyer, Founder and Managing Partner of Lutz Meyer & Company
Lutz is one of the most experienced experts for campaigning, destination marketing and crisis communication in Germany and Europe.

Lutz develops marketing campaigns for businesses, initiatives, and political parties.

He has run numerous well-known campaigns and communication projects for stakeholder groups, companies and political parties. His 2013 election campaign for Angela Merkel is world-famous. This campaign won the election by a wide margin and several national and international awards. Lutz has twenty years of experience in strategy consulting, communication, and networking. He has won the prestigious award "Agency of the Year" three times, as well as numerous German and international prizes. He teaches destination marketing and communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Kiel. With Lutz Meyer & Company, he set up an issue-focused campaign and communication consultancy network. Lutz Meyer & Company has partner offices in Berlin, Washington, Stockholm, and Madrid.

Sara Morge, Executive Director Scandinavia
Sara and her team have won the accolade "Agency of the Year" twice in a row. Thanks to their expertise and success, they are leading the Swedish PR market.

Sara and her team assist their clients with issue-focused PR and strategic marketing advice. Their success is based on an excellent understanding of the ongoing changes in society and their impact on brands and ideas. Major companies put their trust in Sara's team, which allows Lutz Meyer & Company to access the increasingly important market in Scandinavian countries. One-stop networking, insights, marketing and PR campaigns.

William Nixon, Executive Director USA
Bill and his Policy Impact team are the people to turn to when it comes to the political arena in Washington. They can draw on excellent connections within the government and public sphere.

Our exclusive partner Policy Impact identifies the most important people to talk to in the new administration, the US Senate, and the House of Representatives in 2018. We can thereby offer companies and organizations in Europe perfect insights.

The Public Relations and Marketing team put the spotlight on ideas and opinions in all industries: In Washington, in all other states, and also in important regions all over the world.

Virginia Sanz, Executive Director Spain
Virginia and her Madrid based team provide outstanding knowledge and creativity, focused on the success of the client. Know-how and creativity are the key to their success.

Creating the best content provides the guideline for Virginia's team. Professional, accurate and with a „make it happen“ mentality, Everythink Madrid has succeeded in the Spanish PR world. Top brands and institutions trust this agency. This team provides access to the entire Spanish speaking community in Spain, Europe, and around the world.


Anna Reiss
Assistant to the Management

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Some of Lutz Meyer & Company's projects

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