Converting Messages Into Topics

Lutz Meyer & Company means excellence in communication and campaigning. Our job is to create topics that resonate and are relevant, and to convert messages into genuine talking points – for companies, stakeholders, and political organisations.


Putting all the tools to work.

We know how: Together with our clients, we convert their topics and goals into an integrated campaign across all media channels.

Lutz Meyer has designed various large and well-known campaigns and made them succeed – for companies, parties, associations, and stakeholder groups – in Germany, Europe, and beyond.


Assuring it, improving it.

Reputation is everything. We help develop persuasive messages and topics, and move people into the public spotlight.

With our solid connections to the media, we can help our clients navigate through crises and stormy situations, and advise them in designing their recurring communications.


Communicating trust.

We consult our clients in all brand management and market communication areas – from positioning and design to launch and campaigns. Brands succeed if they are linked to the proper topics.

Because we are an owner-managed consultancy, we are independent and can act purely in the interest of our clients.


Companies need proper space.

For companies need to flourish economically, it is imperative that the political environment be the right one. We consult and guide German companies and those from abroad in offering their products and services in the European market successfully.


Forging alliances to get ahead.

Economic success often depends on prevailing political sentiments. Together with our clients, we convert their ambitions into topics that resonate with decision-makers.

We guide our clients in meeting regulatory challenges, and we create new networks and alliances for them.


Vibrant events.

It all starts with meeting and talking, doesn‘t it? We know how to organise small and large settings, from dinners to international conferences – whether in person or as a professional live stream with a global reach. For 50 but also up to 200,000 participants

Berlin Advisors Group

Partners for transformation.

Lutz Meyer & Company is part of Berlin Advisors Group. In order to effectively support boards, management and supervisory boards in processing this new complexity, the four consulting firms Lutz Meyer & Company, Strategic Minds Company, Berlin Global Advisors and Corporate Transformation Advisors have developed the "Berlin Advisors Group" as a new offering, which for the first time bundles expertise from all areas under one roof:

Corporate Development, ESG Transformation and Restructuring, Policy and Diplomacy, Industrial and Energy, and Communications and Issues Management.

The strategic CEO consultancy Themis Foresight, Germany's leading health policy consultancy, Pathways Public Health and the renowned event agency Beissel von Mathieu have joined the group.


Was wollen Sie erreichen? Wir haben eine Idee.

  • Dr. Lutz Meyeris a communications strategist and PR man, owner of Lutz Meyer & Company and Managing Partner of the Berlin Advisory Group.

    Dr. Meyer is one of Germany's most experienced minds for communication and positioning in the political arena. He designs strategies, communication lines, campaigns and individual solutions for companies, interest groups, industries and political parties. Meyer was pres...


  • Sabine Steuerwaldis Head of Consulting and Head of Strategic Consulting and Project Management.

  • Christian Bagusch is Head of Design & Web, an experienced campaign manager and realizes design concepts.

  • Anja Ballenthinis head of finance and controlling.

  • Lisa Barwischis Junior Art Director and a passionate illustrator and graphic designer.

  • Marein Beisselis an event manager and realizes all event concepts from international conference to dinner at Lutz Meyer & Company. She specializes in the organization and implementation of complex events and is the owner of the event agency Beissel von Mathieu GmbH.

  • Franziska Bulgrinis a social media editor.

  • Karling Cheungis Junior Art Director.

  • Christopher Dreke is Senior Associate Public Affairs.

  • Ana-Cristina Grohnertis the owner of Corporate Tranformation Advisors and Managing Partner of Berlin Advisors Group.

  • Tristan Haurand is a volunteer and supports the consultancy in the development and realization of communication strategies and campaigns.

  • Melissa Kurtis assistant and manages the office and operations.

  • Simon Lipinskiis senior art director and graphic designer.

  • Moritz Mickanis Manager for Digital Channels.

  • Robert Pitterleis a freelance editor and proofreader for publications and websites.

  • Olivia Wölfelis an associate and strengthens the consultancy in the development of communication strategies and campaigns and in project management.